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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 splash.  Johannes and Yuda in a winter scene.

Today Johannes and Yuda are tending to their rose garden. Two of the grounds keepers are looking on and remarking about how Yuda has been sticking close to Johannes since he was poisoned and fell ill. Yuda pricks her finger on a thorn and then makes a slight ruckus while Johannes coos to her and then sucks the blood off of her finger, much to Yuda's surprise. The gardeners wish for Johannes and Yuda's wedding date to be decided quickly. They hope that it will be a magnificent event. Meanwhile Yuda is blushing and shyly tells Johannes to stop and then pulls away in preparation to run. Johannes, frustrated, complains that she's always this way. Yuda then turns even redder, excuses herself and then takes off, leaving Johannes knocked over in the rose bushes.

Yuda narrates about how everyone thinks she and Johannes are living a happy life in Judecca, but in reality their relationship is different. However, lately she's realized that she loves Johnannes. She continues, "at first I got engaged to him to stop the war. And so both countries came together under the shadow of our false love."

Yuda has pricked her finger on a rose thorn and Johannes is now sucking the blood off of it.

Later Ralph is briefing Johannes and Yuda about the latest political machinations.

Ralph: Because the assassin committed suicide the other day, we still don't know at present who the mastermind is. What is known is their intention is to kill Johannes-sama. Today these countermeasures ....

Ralph is interrupted by Johannes snoring. Johannes is passed out on the desk while Yuda is diligently listening and taking notes. Ralph is dismayed at Johannes behavior.

Ralph: Get a hold of yourself and listen! (he says as he pinches Johannes cheek.)

Johannes: Owww!!! I've heard if before already, so I should be ok?

Ralph: Be a little like Yuda-sama!!!
(To Yuda) It's fine that you are taking notes, but it could be problem if somebody were to see your notebook.

Yuda continues narrating in the background: The rich and powerful of his country and his own elder brother are after Johannes-same's life. And so together we stand and face them for the sake of peace.

After the briefing, Yuda encounters Johannes in the hall. Yuda is shocked and blushes and Johannes looks like a happy little boy. He tells her that he'll be done with work early and invites her to dinner. Yuda is so self conscious that she can't speak clearly. Johannes tells her that dinner will be a 7. They both are very red faced and extremely cute.

Johannes invites Yuda to dinner.  Both of them are blushing heavily

Later Yuda is in her room on her bed thinking too much about the situation.

Yuda: I like him and I'm aware of it, but I don't know how to face him.

She rolls around quickly in frustration. Yuda rolls around in frustration on her bed Yuda: But up until now I've never been in love with a man. Anyway, this is no good. I can't meet with him normally.

Yuda stops and thinks some more and then rolls around some more.

Yuda: ahh! What should I do?

She stops again to think.

Yuda: Somehow Johannes-sama has shown a smile ... or so it seems. Only recently I've noticed that Johannes-sama is quite handsome. The ladies of the royal court throw themselves at him. Looking at us, it's obvious we are not well matched.

She thinks this as she looks in a magazine at the picture of her and Johannes on their fishing trip. He's sparklingly handsome and she looks like a fishing geek. She thinks about how there is no mention of

Johannes liking anyone before they got engaged. Yuda's handmaidens arrive with tea. The notice she is reading a magazine that features Johannes. The left-maiden says to Yuda that she should not need to enthusiastically read magazines because she has the real Johannes by her side. Regardless, the handmaidens bring Yuda some more magazines. In one of the tabloids Yuda sees a picture of Johannes with a model on his arm. Yuda and the handmaidens are surprised that Johannes is with someone else.

Meanwhile, in Johannes office, Ralph is looking at the tabloid and remarking on how much influence the Caspel's have and that letting this scandal loose could cause tension between the North and South. He continues sarcastically on about how the newspapers could report the assassination attempts on Johannes. Johannes is very upset and throws the tabloid down. He's clearly pissed for a different reason than Ralph.

Johannes: Shit! Why can't they write something decent? If I let this half baked story be, it'll ruin my reputation. There was no reason for me to cheat. I wonder if I can make Yuda understand. She could misinterpret this and think that my love has changed.

Ralph: That could be a problem.

And then in walks Yuda and she is furious. Yuda is furious at JohannesHer cold stare makes Johannes drop to the ground and beg for forgiveness.

Yuda: So many people saw you trifling with her while I was thinking you were serious.

Johannes (desperately): If I were fooling around, my reputation would suffer.

Then Johannes bodyguards try to come to his aid.

Right guard: More accurately, as for playing around, that woman he was with is a construction worker.

Left guard: Even though he has occasionally gone out with normal people, he wavers.

Right guard: Because of his wavering, he's not guilty.

Johannes: Shut up you guys! You're being useless!!!

(to Yuda) Anyway, you are the only person I've dated! I was there to give construction instructions because of a dispute.

Yuda: I've heard enough! Johannes-sama is an idiot!!!

Yuda, red faced and crying, leaves, slamming the door behind her. Johannes is left with his two dumbfounded guards. His arm is outstretched as he begs Yuda to wait. "Friggin Caspel!!! I'll kill him!!" Johannes angrily declares. In the background his two guards joke that Johannes' careless hands got him into trouble.

Somewhere else a young woman from Yuda's country asks someone in a hooded robe, "You saw that this morning?"

"Of course!" the hooded person replies.

Later, Yuda is out walking in the courtyard. The bystanders are gossiping all around her.

"Yuda is shocked," one says.

"Getting married with those rumors," another on says.

"I knew it would be better if she left him," says yet another onlooker.

Yuda has tears in her eyes as she looks at the picture in the tabloid magazine. "Johannes' an idiot" she mutters to herself. Johannes catches up with her in the garden.

Johannes: Yuda, that story from earlier ...

Yuda (as she reads aloud from the tabloid): The story of the prince and his lover begins at an S&M play!?

Johannes: Hey! That's wrong!! It's all lies!!! I haven't done anything! Believe me ...

Yuda: It's okay. It doesn't bother me.

She then gets up and begins to walk away.

Johannes: Really? You're not ...

Yuda (speaks over her shoulder): I've been thinking a lot about our getting engaged for the sake of peace. So if Johannes doesn't love me, it doesn't matter.

Johannes: I don't love you ... why would that be so?

Yuda: When I think about it? We are engaged for the sake of peace. For someone as handsome as you to be engaged with someone as plain as me ... Furthermore, the smiling face I've shown, how can the country oppose?

Johannes: ...

Yuda: But I can't think of another objective! But somehow I hated you! So Johannes-sama shouldn't love me ... But you do!

Johannes: I think you are the most adorable person in the world. Therefore, I'm going to do my best with you. I don't know about whatever you just said.

Yuda: ...liar. You've said before I'm short, not cute, and plain.

Johannes: That was when you were being mean!

Yuda: I knew it! Why would you like a mean women.

"No ..." Johannes says as he hits his forehead with his hand in frustration. They are now face to face. Johannes continues, "True, at first I thought you were an arrogant and hateful woman. But now, I think you are adorable."

"I don't remember being that way," says Yuda.

"It's okay because I remember," replies Johannes as he looks into Yuda's eyes with a soft smile. Yuda blushes brightly. She then quickly turns and starts to run away. "Are you going to cheat with other women?" Yuda asks.

"But that's wrong ... " Johannes replies.

Yuda then says, "If so, spend your whole life cheating (deceiving) with me, okay." She then turns and shows Johannes a very sweet smile. Johannes doesn't hear her though. Yuda then says, "If you didn't hear, too bad stupid Johannes!"

Some time later, the newspaper features a story about Johannes' and Yuda's happiness. Some of Yuda's countrymen are praising the situation. One says, "As expected of Yuda-sama, she made a great unbreakable bond." Another says, "After all there is no woman more charming than Yuda-sama." Another one rushes in looking concerned. There's another story in the Northern newspaper.

Meanwhile, Yuda is reading Johannes' message in their exchange diary. He's still begging her for forgiveness. Yuda is surprised and excited. In the middest of her freaking out, her handmaids come to escort her to the hospital to volunteer. As Yuda enters the hospital, people stare and gossip. They show her the newspaper and it's an article that questions where Johannes participated the Azeri construction massacre. They crowd around and ask in light of news why the engagement hasn't been annulled. Yuda defends Johannes and says this kind of action isn't his style. Then the person in the hood shows herself and declares that it's not a lie because she saw the event clearly and she saw Johannes smile while cutting down people. She the continues to push the issue saying, "Your countrymen or the enemy Prince, who do you believe?" Yuda is horrified and scared as she realizes what has just happened.

Yuda is frightened as she realizes the situation with some of her countrymen Elsewhere, in a meeting hall at a table full of men, politics is happening.

The Canaan Representative: In light of this, the engagement is annulled.

A Meteora Representative: No, if that were true then the talk of peace ...

Another Meteora Rep: Wait a minute. The story could be a red herring!! It's true the event happened before the truce, I'll admit. However, Johannes was at another place with your country's King Ismail's at his Palace. Johannes never participated!

Meanwhile, Johannes seems unphased and even bored by the proceedings. Could he actually be asleep???

The Canaan Rep: Can I, though, ignore the witnesses in my country?

After the meeting Johannes and his aids are meeting in his conference.

One of them: It's clear there are those that believe the story and those that do not. The Kings, though, when they meet will show restraint.

Another of them: Yuda will to, right?

Someone: Since the news, people in various parts of Canaan have come together to demand annulment of the engagement.

Light haired aid: Every page of the newspaper contains criticism of Johannes-sama.

Ralph: ... All according to Caspel's plan.

Dark Haired Aid: Shit! Before this, Johannes was a hero they all clapped for.

Johannes: Well, I'm no hero to be praised. I could be a murderer who has assassinated 100's of people. I don't know how many I've killed. I'm a terrifying and crazy guy. So whether I'm a hero or not depends on the person.

Dark Haired Aid: That may be so, but you shed blood to save many. If it's sin you are talking about, then we all are to blame.

Johannes: ... Thank you.

Getting back to Yuda: she hasn't seen Johannes in a week and she's depressed and in bed. She is still processing the hooded old woman's words while believing in Johannes. The handmaidens have left and Yuda is alone thinking when she hears someone knocking on her window. It's Johannes.

Yuda (panicked and blushing): Why are you here?

Johannes: Aren't you going to bed a little early?

Yuda: Shouldn't you not be peeping?

Johannes: Why on Earth would I do that? I just wanted to see your face.

Yuda blushes.

Johannes sneaks into Yuda's room Yuda: Anyhow, come in. If someone sees you it will cause a problem.

Johannes: It's a been a while. How have you been?

Yuda: I've been a little worn out.

Johannes: Do you doubt me?

Yuda: No, no ,...

Johannes approaches Yuda and caresses her cheek and then fully embraces her. Yuda then recalls what the hood woman said, freaks out and pulls away. Johannes looks shocked and hurt. Yuda is at a loss for words. "Johannes-sama, Just now I didn't mean ..." Before she can finish Johannes has grabbed her by the hand. He pulls her close and gives Yuda one-hell of a kiss.

Johannes kisses Yuda Yuda is surprised and then pulls away and covers her lips. She has tears in her eyes and Johannes looks extremely sad. The handmaids come to see what all the noise is about and find Yuda alone and on her knees crying in front of her open balcony door. Yuda closing thoughts are, " Johannes and I are together for the sake of peace for everyone, I thought. But if the people don't want peace, then is what I'm doing okay?"