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  • Wallpaper
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Here are the first manga wallpapers I have made. One is standard ratio and the other is widescreen format.

Standard ratio (4:3) ("fit" to rescale when you set the image as your desktop image)

1600x1200 Wallpaper
  • 1600x1200 px JPG (note: the dots and the shadows didn't scale properly in this thumbnail. The actual dots and the shadows look like those in the widescreen thumbnail)

Widescreen ("fit" to rescale when you set the image as your desktop image)

Widescreen Yuda Wallpaper

Wallpaper 2:

Johannes and Yuda's First Kiss: I imagined this kiss happening under moonlight. I had to get creative to darken the couple and add moonlight. Wanna take a guess? It was a really boneheaded Photoshop trick ;p

Johanne and Yuda's first kiss in full color

Make your own fan art with these image files. More coming soon, plus some fan art of my own.

Yuda in her fancy dress.  Select a format to download.

Composite image of Yuda

Here's are some files to play with plus some ideas for recolors. In this scene I've imaged Yuda wearing a very demur pastel color. It's fun, though, imaging her dressing boldly in yellow or blazing red. Anyone wanna try black?

Composite Image of Yuda in her fancy dress Yellow recolor Red recolor

Light Blue


Yellow: JPG, 300 dpi
Red, JPG, 300 dpi